Red Peters – Rare Recordings 1969-1989

A true pioneer and interpreter of the Blues in Ireland, Red Peters (1946-2012) sang as he felt it – with utter involvement, utter passion and total respect for the truth and soul of the music he made his own. Back in 1970s and 1980s Dublin, his fans knew and loved him for singing the most powerful, most fiercely intense Blues and Rhythm & Blues that could be heard in the country at that time. But he never went professional and remained unsupported and unappreciated by wider audiences and undervalued by record companies and agents.

This unique collection of rare live recordings and an hour-long RTE Radio Special from 1981 celebrates not just the genius of Red but also a vibrant period in Dublin’s musical story. A 44-page lavishly illustrated booklet features memories of Red and his time as the ‘Guvnor’ of Dublin Blues from musicians and friends including: Fran Breen, Chris Meehan, PJ Curtis, Kevin Conneff, Gerry Doyle, Ed Deane, Pat Farrell, Johnny Moynihan and Matt Walsh.

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